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Download an application today!  Submit your application with 3-5 of your BEST photos to:

All photos must be a great FACE SHOT!  They must be current and clear with no distractions. No hats, no hoods, no food on the face, no other family members, no pacifiers, no sleeping, no big hair accessories, no hair in the face, no costumes, no side profiles, no black and whites. When we submit photos, they are about wallet size.  If your photo is too far away, it won't stand out and there is little chance your child will be seen.  The photo we submit is like a resume for a job, the first impression before you get an audition.  Make a great first impression, send us your best face shots!

Parents: Please allow up to 4 weeks for a response after emailing us your child's application.  We have a full roster of kids and will only respond if interested.  Our interest is based on Munchkin Stars needs and the industries.  If we have a few kids that look similar to your little one, it would not be fair to also take on your child and not send them out on auditions. 

Munchkin Stars Management represents infants to 10 years old for television, commercials, film and print modeling. You must live in the tri-state area to be considered for castings.  

Is your Munchkin a Star?
Contact us: 516-578-1480