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About Munchkin Stars Management
Munchkin Stars Management represents infants and children for television, commercials, film, and print modeling.  We work with casting directors, production companies, modeling and talent agencies, commercial photographers, and advertising agencies.  We personally oversee every aspect of your child's career.

Munchkin Stars Management focuses on the careers of young children in high demand.  We are the liason between you and the casting directors and agents. There are absolutely NO upfront costs when you are represented by our management.  We work strictly on a commission basis.

Munchkin Stars was created by Marni Maroof.  Her experience in entertainment and advertising led her to start this company.  She formerly worked at Innovative Artists Talent Agency, casting at Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising, and an acting teacher at The Performing Option.  She also performed in a few acting jobs herself as a young kid.  However, her real experience came from working with her mother Marsha Rosenstein.  After over 30 years as a New York talent agent and successful manager, she has retired, but remains a consultant for her new venture.  Lastly, Marni received a Master's Degree in elementary education.

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