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Marni Maroof Management (Formerly Munchkin Stars Management) represents infants and children for television, commercials, broadway, film and print modeling.  We work with casting directors, production companies, modeling agencies, talent agencies, photographers, and advertising agencies.  We personally oversee every aspect of your child's career.

Marni Maroof Management focuses on the careers of children in high demand.  We are the liason between you, the agents, and the casting directors.  There are absolutely ZERO upfront costs when you are represented by our management.  We work strictly on a standard commission basis.

This company was created by Marni Maroof.  Her experience in entertainment and advertising led her to open this management.  She formerly worked at Innovative Artists Talent Agency, Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising, BWR PR, Manhattan Pictures, WordWorld on PBS, and The Performing Option.  She also performed in a few acting jobs herself as a young kid.  Lastly, Marni received her Bachelor's Degree in Mass Communication and Master's Degree in Elementary Education.

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Marni Maroof Management is located in New York

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