What Parents Need to Know

1. Your child is in safe hands.  We always look out for the best interests of the child and only work with reputable people.

2. When we receive an audition for your child, you should expect an email from us with an audition (usually for the next day) and the shoot date (usually within a week or two).  Sometimes there are callbacks (second audition) in which they would like to see your child again before the shoot.  

3. Considering one project might have you go in the city 3 times (audition, callback, booking), having a full time office job is impossible.  Any trusted adult  can help your child get to places.  You can put a dependable team together if you truly want to be in this business.  All auditions are in Manhattan.
This is a fast paced business.  Advanced notice of an audition is not the norm.  Auditions are usually emailed out by 7 pm the day before.

4.  We work on a commission basis.  We only get paid if your child gets booked & paid.  The standard manager commission is 15%.

5. You must provide us with updated pictures, measurements, talents/skills, and milestones periodically.  

6.  It is important that we can easily contact you for auditions.  Make sure to check your email atleast 3 times a day.  Make a special ringtone/beep for our email addresses.

7.  The State of New York requires all child performers obtain a Work Permit and open a blocked trust account.  This info will be in your welcome packet.  Get started with the process right away.

8.  A lot is expected of you, the parent in this business.  Please make sure you can 100% commit before submitting your child.