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What Parents Need to Know

1. Your child is in safe hands.  We always look out for the best interests of the child and only work with reputable people.

2. When we receive a project that your child is right for, you should expect a call or email from us immediately with an audition (usually the next day) and the shoot date (usually within a week or two).  Sometimes there are callbacks (second audition) in which they would like to see your child again before the shoot.  If you will not be available for the shoot day, do not go to the audition.

3. Auditions are usually called to you one day before and take place in Manhattan.  If you are working, see if a family member or other caregiver can bring your child to the audition or booking.

4. Let us know if and when you will be out of town in advance.  We want to avoid submitting your child for a job if he/she will not be available.

5. Always show up for the audition or booking on time.  Leave extra time for traveling and feeding if necessary.

6. Provide us with updated pictures and information periodically.  Professional pictures are not required for children under 5.

7. It is important that we can easily contact you for auditions.  Please provide us with the person that will respond the fastest and their best way of communication. 

8. The State of New York requires all child performers obtain a Work Permit and blocked trust account.  A temporary 15 day work permit can be obtained online one time.  A Permanent Work Permit must be obtained the next time and is valid for 6 months.  It is the parents' responsibility to renew the work permit and keep it current.  You can use the Actors Federal Credit Union to open a Blocked Trust Account for child performers.  You will need a copy of the child's birth certificate, social security number, parent's social security number and parent's government issued photo id.  Your child cannot work on television without these documents.

9. SAG (Screen Actors Guild) and AFTRA (American Federation of Television and Radio Artists) and two unions you may hear about.  Non Union work rates vary.  Union work has pre-determined rates and regulations.

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