How to submit:

Your child’s photo is how we submit them for auditions and direct bookings in the world of modeling, acting, and advertising.  This is a highly competitive business.  Make your first impression a good one.  This is their resume.

Tips for your submission photos: 

Babies need to be photographed in a plain, simple, cotton baby outfit. 

Toddlers and kids need a basic, clean look.  Think GAP, H&M, Old Navy, JCrew. Jewel tone colored clothing photographs well.

There should be nothing distracting in the background and nothing distracting on the child.  Your camera should be eye level with the child.  They MUST be making eye contact with the camera.

We can NOT accept photos with: bibs, toys, food, bath, pacifiers, hats, hoods, sleeping, costumes, holiday photos, black and whites, side profiles, wet hair, big hair accessories and multiple family members. 

Take your time. Make sure to have good lighting. It's hard to judge blurry, dark photos. Take a dozen photos. Send us all of them.  Make a great first impression.

Please fill out the application above and email it to